Chad Lyew - Alemany Dental, DDS
Chad Lyew - Alemany Dental, DDS

Chad Lyew - Alemany Dental, DDS

Chad Lyew - Alemany Dental, DDS
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Chad Lyew - Alemany Dental, DDS

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Cosmetic and General Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry
Six Month Smiles
Sleep Medicine
Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hard worker and loves dentistry!  Dr. Lyew grew up in San Jose and went to dental school at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.  Dr. Lyew has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, implants, Six Month Smiles, sleep medicine, Invisalign, and sedation.  He is a member of the AACD, ADA, CDA, AASM, and AAID.  In his free time, Dr. Lyew enjoys movies, weightlifting, and playing basketball.

Chad L.
Established in 2006.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive dental care in a comfortable and modern environment.

Our vision is to be a leader in the dental community and give every person the opportunity to have a beautiful smile.

We believe that all of our patients are important, and each one deserves a dental plaque of excellence.  There is nothing like the feeling of having a healthy, pain-free smile. We must all work together to create the perfect environment for our patients.  We must never sacrifice our care and always provide an amazing experience for every patient.
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127 reviews
Chad is a wonderful dentist, I constantly...
By Jinny V. on October 1, 2017 6:00 PM
Chad is a wonderful dentist, I constantly recommend him to all my friends and family. He is very responsive and caring, and has put a lot of efforts in the details of his practice to make each of his patients feel comfortable and at ease....Read more

Moving to San Francisco three years ago, I was on...
By Sahar D. on September 20, 2017 6:00 PM
Moving to San Francisco three years ago, I was on a mission to find a dentist who is professional, skilled and ethical. All my expectations were met when I came across Alemany Dental. Dr. Lyew is amazing at what he does and he genuinely has patients' interest in mind. The staff are also extremely nice and professional....Read more

Dr. Lyew is such an amazing Dentist. He is so...
By Kevin N. on September 12, 2017 6:00 PM
Dr. Lyew is such an amazing Dentist. He is so nice and kind. I had such a great experiment with my dental work! I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good dentist....Read more

$650 for X-rays and cleaning!?! What a rip off....
By Marty C. on September 11, 2017 6:00 PM
$650 for X-rays and cleaning!?! What a rip off. Just trusted the reviews without asking about cost ... my mistake. But the cleaning was the worst in my life. When they did a follow up call I informed them of my issues and they redid the cleaning ... the original dental hygienist had been replaced. It's hard to believe they would over charge a disabled senior ... but they did. Now to find another dentist within wheelchair distance....Read more

When all the other reviews are glowing and you...
By Jane L. on August 30, 2017 6:00 PM
When all the other reviews are glowing and you have a bad experience, you've got to wonder "what's going on here?" On the other hand, my negative experience with Dr. Lyew was very similar to Van's. Never had an issue with cleanings here: they've got the best technology, offer San Pelligrino, and a free Welcome Kit. I had a cavity filled in March. Immediately after the procedure, I noticed a lot of swelling in the area. A few days later, the office called me to check in. I shared that I was I still in pain. Dr. Lyew said I was probably having some residual side effects from the anesthesia and not to worry. A few weeks later, I was still in pain, so I asked for a post-op visit. Dr. Lyew did some adjustments on the tooth, prescribed me a special toothpaste, and sent me on my way. I was told that it could take some time for my mouth to adjust to the new bite. Two weeks later, I started having unbearable pain in my jaw (so bad that I wasn't sleeping) and piercing headaches. I came in for another post-op visit. I sensed something was wrong, but when I told Dr. Lyew I thought I had an infection, he checked my tooth and told me I was likely just clenching my jaw. He encouraged me to schedule an appointment for a mouth guard. I scheduled the appointment -- calling back a few days later to share I still wasn't sleeping because the pain was too much to endure. He was incredibly rude, telling me I still hadn't followed up on his advice to get a mouth guard yet. After more back and forth on the phone, he said "you can go ahead and get a second opinion if you want" and referred me to Bayside Endodontics. On my emergency visit to see them, they confirmed that I had a major infection. At that point, the nerve in the tooth had died. So after $200+ to fill this cavity (and three follow-ups over a span of 6 weeks), I paid $500+ for a root canal -- and was then referred back to Chad Lyew to complete the crown ($1500)... I know this stuff happens, cavities grow (or whatever, I'm not a dentist), but I've never had a medical provider dismiss me and try to push extra (unnecessary) services on me in such a crappy manner. Needless to say, I completed the repair on this tooth elsewhere....Read more

I finally decided to go for the extraction (both...
By Puja I. on August 2, 2017 6:00 PM
I finally decided to go for the extraction (both the lower ones), and I was taken care of extremely well. I got 15 mins late for my appointment and they were so kind to still take me in and got the process going right away. All his staff is simply amazing, well trained and made sure I was comfortable all the times. Dr Chad is just great, to the point and kept me comfortable throughout. They let you watch movies so it's quite easy to get distracted from the instruments that go in and out of your mouth. I was nervous initially, but as the anesthesia took effect, and Dr Chad and his assistant started the extraction, I slowly started to feel less and less nervous. After the procedure, I remained comfortable, with minimal to no swelling even though I came to know I had impacted and horizontal growing wisdom teeth. They gave me a take home packet with all the basic necessities and it was real good stuff. They even called me twice after to check on me. It's my 6th day and I have much much less pain and discomfort. I definitely recommend people to go to him if you are wanting to get wisdom teeth removed and are nervous about it....Read more

I don't like going to the dentist..
By Alejandro R. on July 31, 2017 6:00 PM
I don't like going to the dentist......Read more

Came to Chad Lyew over few year.  Staff are...
By Van V. on May 19, 2017 6:00 PM
Came to Chad Lyew over few year.  Staff are friendly 5 stars.  Teeth Cleaning 5 stars.  Until last summer Chad Lyew told me I needed filling on a tooth. I did what he told me to do. Few weeks later my tooth hurts. Went back to see him and his told me I needed root canal.  Chad Lyew referred me to see root canal in Daly City(bayside Endodontics dental group).  Went there did a root canal and went back to Chad Lyew to put on a crown(same tooth).  Seven or eight months later my tooth still hurts. Went back to Chad Lyew. Chad Lyew took X-rays and advised me to go back to bayside Endodontics.  Went back to bayside doctor Rowshan ahani looked at the X-ray and said I don't know what to do with your tooth.  He also said insurance company are evils.  Both denied wrongdoing.  Chad Lyew referred me to see gum specialist.  Decided to go to different dentist. New dentist, root canal and gum specialist found a crack on that tooth. End up I have to remove my tooth and put in a implants.  Spent a lot of time and money. I'm still very upset....Read more

What an AMAZING experience! I rarely enjoy or...
By Nina C. on April 26, 2017 6:00 PM
What an AMAZING experience! I rarely enjoy or look forward to my dentist visits, but this place has exceptional customer service and the staff really has a way of making patients feel at ease. I spoke with Brandee first and she explained the process for the treatments I was looking into. She's really sweet and super nice! I came in for a free consult with Dr. Chad Lyew and he listened and understood my goals and provided the best treatment plan for me. I did my teeth cleaning a few weeks ago and just came back today for the Zoom Whitening. I definitely recommend it - my teeth are now a few shades whiter! I did experience slight pain during the process, but was told the "zingers" will be gone within 24-48 hours....Read more

Great office and staff. Cleaning was gentle and...
By Linda H. on March 31, 2017 6:00 PM
Great office and staff. Cleaning was gentle and the office environment allows me to be as relaxing as can be while at the dentist....Read more