Anthony Ellenikiotis, DDS, MS
Anthony Ellenikiotis, DDS, MS

Anthony Ellenikiotis, DDS, MS

Anthony Ellenikiotis, DDS, MS
20514 Saratoga-Los Gatos Rd
Saratoga, CA 95070
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Anthony Ellenikiotis, DDS, MS

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License #
Dr E is a leading clinical instructor and mentor for many orthodontics at the University of California San Francisco for over 20 years and at Georgetown University prior to UCSF.  His passion for his profession and the expertise he imparts to his students has inspired many.  Dr. E's goal is to make all of your teeth work together and give you a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.  That is why the very foundation of his orthodontic practice is occlusion, a perfect bite!  Dr. E offers many treatment options, including expansion appliances, various surgical techniques, extraction techniques, and limited orthodontic treatment.  Basically, Dr. E specializes in treating each patient according to their individual needs in order to produce a healthy and proper bite, improving the long term health of the patient's teeth and mouth.  Dr. E and his team have been in practice for over 2 decades and have improved the smiles of over 15,000 area residents, and they can do the same for you.

Dr. E is committed to excellence for his patients and for his profession.  He has given back to his professional community for nearly 20 years.  His professional involvements include:

Faculty and Clinical Professor:  University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry

Faculty and Clinical Instructor:  Surgical orthodontics, occlusion, TMJ management at the world renowed Roth-Williams Center in Burlingame, CA

Clinical Instructor:  Georgetown Univeristy School of Dentistry, Washington DC

MS Degree:  Orthodontics, Occlusion-Temporomandibular Articulation Management and Full Mouth Restorative Dentistry (It's that perfect bite and beautiful smile we have been talking about.)

DDS:  University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, CA

Professional Member:  American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontics, Roth-Williams International, CA and Santa Clara Dental Society

Dr. E has the experience and passion to give you a beautiful smile.

Tony E.
Established in 1989.

Dr. E and his Associates have helped patients discover orthodontic care unlike any other.  The doctors and staff believe that their patients deserve the best, and it's precisely this commitment to the highest quality that sets them apart and has for over 20 years.
You'll discover the difference of a team of orthodontics who give you their undivided attention and are committed to your concerns.  You'll also discover the difference that precision-crafted orthodontics can make for you and your child's bite.  In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, you will learn that achieving an ideal bite can give you a beautiful smile.
No matter what your age, Dr. E and his staff get to know your mouth so they can give you the best course of treatment.  They also spend time to get to know you, the person behind the smile.
We have been treating over 15,000 patients for the past 20 years and have provided leading-edge, personalized orthodontics.  We are committed and will be to you.
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17 reviews
I had a consultation when my chiro referred me to...
By Zee K. on May 6, 2015 6:00 PM
I had a consultation when my chiro referred me to hard.E for my daughters braces. He may be competent but I was disturbed by his attitude. He kept going over his resume and that his children are all from Ivy leagues and how great he is. After that he kept saying things like you got this procedure done in 'your country' many times in s condescending way which made me us feel very uncomfortable. Even his assistant kept showing him eyes to control his aggressive tone. So we decided that this doc is not for us....Read more

Very Disappointed!  Do NOT recommend. Poor...
By C L. on February 8, 2015 6:00 PM
Very Disappointed!  Do NOT recommend. Poor customer service. Not good results. Don't waste your money on this guy!...Read more

I have been in treatment with Dr. Ellenikiotis...
By Daniela P. on June 10, 2013 6:00 PM
I have been in treatment with Dr. Ellenikiotis for the past 4 years. I underwent a treatment that included spacers, expanders, extraction and altogether too many rubber bands. The end result when I was (finally) finished was absolutely beautiful. Dr. E was incredibly meticulous when it came to fixing my teeth and it definitely paid off well....Read more

I have had braces in the past, but because of the...
By Liliana H. on May 13, 2013 6:00 PM
I have had braces in the past, but because of the lack of perfectionism from my other orthodontist I am now forced to get them again. I wasn't about to sacrifice more time and money to have the job done wrong again, so I did my research and found the BEST! Some people might think that being a perfectionist isn't a good thing, but when it comes to the doctor that's straightening my teeth, I'd want him or her to have those qualities. His office is so nice & clean, and the staff are warm and friendly. I can see he runs a tight ship, and only expects the best customer service from his team. I didn't know what I was missing the first time around, until I came to this office. I love the service, convenient locations (live in San Jose, work in Cupertino), but most of all the friendly and knowledgeable staff.  No doubts in my mind that when my 2 year old is of age, this is where he will be coming. I have no intentions of taking my son to someone who isn't going to do the job right the first time. Thank You Dr. E!!!  Can't wait to see the final results!...Read more

I needed orthodontic work for functional reasons,...
By Bill M. on May 11, 2013 6:00 PM
I needed orthodontic work for functional reasons, not cosmetic ones -- my top and bottom teeth were so poorly aligned that two of my front teeth were already badly damaged by the time my dentist recommended that I see an orthodontist.  Since my dentist didn't have very good credibility by that point, I asked friends and co-workers for recommendations and got a strong one for Dr. E. from a fellow engineer at work who had also had a severe functional problem....Read more

So following up from my last review..
By Linnea E. on March 18, 2013 6:00 PM
So following up from my last review......Read more

I called to make an appointment and ask about...
By Sophiee T. on March 12, 2013 6:00 PM
I called to make an appointment and ask about pricing of replacing my broken retainer and the receptionist was so rude. She interrupted me twice while I was talking, telling me that the doctors were out to lunch and they couldn't talk to me. I wasn't asking to speak to a doctor, I was just wondering about the deal on Yelp, and perhaps an estimate. RUDE. Not going to call back....Read more

Dr. Ellenikiotis is one of the BEST orthodontist...
By Billy G. on January 24, 2013 6:00 PM
Dr. Ellenikiotis is one of the BEST orthodontist I've ever met. His work is meticulous, cares tremendously on the quality of his work. He is concern about your well being as a patient; always going out of his way to ensure you understand the treatment that is being provided....Read more

This is the 4th time I Yelped Dr. E.  The first...
By jan k. on January 11, 2013 6:00 PM
This is the 4th time I Yelped Dr. E.  The first was the initial frustrated Yelp.  Immediately I was contacted by Dr E and all problems were solved.  From there I "Yelped" Dr E 4 times with 5 stars.  It still hasn't stayed on his page more than 24 hours.  So here I go again......Read more

I had braces with Dr Ellenikiotis as a teenager....
By Katie L. on April 26, 2012 6:00 PM
I had braces with Dr Ellenikiotis as a teenager.  It was not something i was excited about.  But Dr E and his staff made it a fun experience for me.  My teeth look incredible.  I tell all of my friends to go see him and my smile is all they need to be convinced....Read more