An insurance billing partner that makes your job easier

We believe you should collect insurance reimbursements at a faster rate, decrease your insurance aging, and free up valuable staff time to focus on patient care.
That’s why we built Zentist.

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Claims paid in as little as 3 days

A Zentist proprietary claims tracking system means almost all claims are paid within 20 days. Most are paid within 3 days.

Increase of insurance collection rates from 75% to 93%

Our machine learning powered algorithms reduce billing errors by a factor of 7x and deliver significant increase in true collection ratios across insurance carriers.

70% decrease in insurance aging within the first 3 months

Office managers are busy juggling many responsibilities. Most dental practice carry 40% of their annual production in accounts receivable at any given time. Zentist re-processes all 30+ days claims and deploys a monitoring system to keep aging at normalized levels.

More time with patients, not paperwork

For an office with just 2 dental providers, insurance claim management takes ~1.7 highly skilled full time specialists. Reclaim valuable staff time towards improving patient care, optimizing the schedule, and increasing treatment case acceptance.
Rosa Velasquez
Lake Merritt Dental, Oakland, CA
Zentist is an ideal billing partner for my office. I don’t have to hire extensive front and back office managers, and can only focus on patient care and patient communication in the office. Zentist securely manages my claims, manages all insurance denials, sends out appeals, and provides me with a clear report of my production every week.  
Dr Rick Van Tran
Manteca Dentistry, Manteca, CA
My office staff always had to spend extensive time in and out of office hours to deal with insurance billing and collections. Any interruption, like a vacation, would throw us back to piles of outstanding claims and accounts. I would rather close the office for business and resolve unattended finances first. Zentist allows me to avoid any business interruption and stay on top of my insurance billing.
Dr Danesh Bastani
Oakland Dental Care, Oakland, CA
Despite having an experienced office manager for more than 13 years, I personally used to send claims, and review and resubmit denials. Still everyone at the office was super busy, that negatively affected how we follow up with new appointments. Since onboarding with Zentist 6 months ago, I am able to work more hours on clinical side without worrying on my insurance collections.
Dr Atul Patel
Atul Patel, DDS, MAGD, Hayward, CA
The Zentist product helps train and support my staff on a daily basis. They truly understand the complexities and requirements of managing dental claims. It is a very effective billing extension of my practice.

How It Works

Customized on-boarding based on your practice management software

We create a HIPAA compliant and secure remote access, including a computer, scanner, and access to the Zentist Portal for extensive reporting of your insurance billing activity.

Clarity in patient portion collections

Answer patient billing questions on time and with confidence using reliable, up to date, and easy to understand breakdowns of insurance EOBs recorded with insurance posting entries directly in your practice management system.

Your weekly report
in Zentist Portal

Zentist Insurance Report provides the “true” snapshot of your office performance on a weekly basis. Our proprietary claim submissions tracking system provides a strong predictability of future cash flow from insurance.

Tailored data-driven recommendations

Review the status of each claim and reasons for any denials. Receive intelligent insight into your claim denials and expert feedback on improving operations to reduce denials.

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your job easier?

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Helpful FAQ

How will Zentist benefit my practice?

We supplement your current admin team by alleviating them the burden of navigating insurance claims processing. Zentist aggregates insurance claim requirements based on successfully paid claims, and provides dental offices with reliable and proactive action items which will directly impact successful claims processing. This reduces initial claim denials, reduces staff training resources, and buffers against admin staff turnover.

How is Zentist different from other third party billing solutions?

Zentist utilizes machine learning powered algorithms to gather insurance claim requirements based on paid claims data. Our smart insights provides your team with the most important and actionable tasks, and your claims get paid on the first submission. Your team can focus on patient care while we help you automate insurance claims management.

What are the technology requirements for Zentist Billing?

An internet connection is all that is needed to get started! We work with all dental practice management software - server or cloud based, and supply your practice with any additional hardware required.